Digital Transformation Consulting from Strategic Asset

Creativity and technology to help fuel innovation and drive business growth

We create successful, innovative Digital leaders by providing a platform to drive and measure Digital strategy within companies.

Digital Transformation Consulting

The fourth industrial revolution is here. The Digital world is advancing at amazing speeds—and it is all connected to the cloud. To succeed, business leaders must embrace a Digital transformation and discover new ways of connecting people, data, and processes to create value for customers. We’ll help you tackle these challenges to help customers be more empowered, engaged, and efficient.

Our platform aims to solve the biggest problems facing business Digital transformation, in catalysing Digital transformation, and iterating on the KPI’s (Key Performance Indicators) that drive your business by using the following methodology:

  • Benchmark: Measurement of your organisation's Digital maturity based on best practices, competitive evaluation, and statistical analysis.
  • Roadmap: Models and visualises your Digital transformation strategy to improve overall strategic knowledge, decision making, and execution on key initiatives and investments to measure progress and ROI. 
  • Trends: Provides a consolidated, visual editorial approach to digital storytelling focussed on your business climate, leapfrog the competition, disrupt the narrative and establish a new status quo.
  • Ecosystem: Interactive visualisation to showcase your entire digital presence across all current touchpoints including web, search, apps, commerce, media, networks, and emerging technologies.

How do we begin our Digital transformation?

To begin the Digital transformation of your business, we first need to understand your organisation’s Digital maturity based on best practices, competitive evaluation, and statistical analysis.

Once benchmarked, we provide a Digital maturity score, company score, industry score and action plan to identify gaps and opportunities that help shape your Digital roadmap and Digital transformation strategy:

Our mission is to drive Digital transformation. We equip businesses and their leaders throughout the UK with the necessary knowledge to drive Digital results in an innovative, effective and scalable way.

- George Smith.